I’m Phil.  I go by Phil-Domo online (if you’ve ever seen someone with that username run by in some obsure MMO: Hi!) as well among certain friends.  I also write under the pen names P.F. Davids.  I used to try and keep the pen name separate from my online persona, but this led to a situation where many months would pass without anyone hearing anything at all from the good P.F. Davids, so I decided to just cut with the pretense and direct everybody here.

As for a little about me, I’m just a guy who really like reading and writing (mostly fantasy) who aspires to one day make such my primary career.  I’m also a avid gamer (both tabletop games and video games) and I dabble in game design from time to time.  I always have some project in the fire that I’m excited about, and if it sometimes seems like I’m just throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks, that’s because I think the walls must be particularly sticky today.

This blog is here to update people on my writing and other projects, as well as to serve as a platform for me to rant about whatever stupid thing is on my mind at the time.  There will be some book and game reviews, some talk about my Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, probably some general complaining about the state of something I fanboy, and some overall good times.

What’s with the name Phil-Domo?

The short answer is: stupid nicknames have a habit of sticking.

Long answer: When I was younger, my and my friends were really into anime.  I was considered something close to the ‘leader’ of said group (as in, I was the one whose house could fit everyone for long gaming marathons, and because it was my place I had final say on what those games would be).  We noticed bandit groups tended to use the honorific “Domo” for their chief and so my friends began to call me “Phil-Domo.”  It wasn’t until years later that we realized that the honorific they were actually using was “Dono” but by that point the nickname had been well solidified.  These days I don’t watch all that much anime, and I certainly realize how silly it is/was to base a nickname around another culture’s honorifics (misunderstood or not) but I’ve had it for a long time and it has shown no signs of going anywhere.

What’s with the pen name P.F. Davids?

I’m not a particular fan of my full real name for reasons there’s no point in getting into here and “Phil-Domo” isn’t really appropriate to put on the cover of a serious novel so I decided to write under a pen name.  It has its roots in my real name and I’ve grown quite fond of it so I intend to continue to use it for the purposes of writing.

Which name is the right one to follow on social media?

On Social Media, it will probably be P.F. Davids.  I created a handful of public social media accounts to help promote my first book release and it seems like the best idea is to just keep running with them.  The links to them are in the bottom bar of the page if you really need to find them.

That said, if you see a Phil-Domo online somewhere (particularly in an online game) that’s probably me as well.  Feel free to say hi.