Introducing Elementalists, A New Bi-Weekly Web Series

I’ve had an idea for a long time about a modern-day story based on the battles of elemental masters. I’m talking, one of my earliest ideas. In the years since, it has seen many iterations: two scripts, one partial novel, a comic book, and two different tabletop games. Point is, it is a story that I really have wanted to tell but have never been fully satisfied with a delivery method. And then, one day while I was beating myself up over the rewriting process for Die By The Sword it hit me: I have this blog which I am supposed to update but rarely do, and web series are a thing.  Thus the Elementalists web series was born.

The first chapter is up now.  I intend to update bi-weely (by which I mean once every other week, not twice a week…confusing word) on Tuesdays.  Feel free to yell at me if I am late, it might motivate me not to be lazy.  At first I wanted to update a little more frequently, but I want to still have time to dedicate to my books.  Plus…you know…other work and stuff (one day writing will be a full time job for me, but not today).

Anyway, here’s the spiel for the series:

Water. Lightning. Wind. Fire. Stone. Metal. Wood. Light. Dark.  These are the elements that flow around us, flow through us, try to command us.

Every person is born with a connection to one of these elements, and, through time and training, it is possible to learn to command the element instead.  With this command comes the ability to shape and mold it into tools, wield it as a weapon, and using it to enhance physical and mental abilities.  The secret to wielding this power has been closely guarded for centuries, but with ancient powers resurfacing their hidden battles threaten to become very public.

It all comes down to a group of individuals, blessed and cursed with a fragment of this power, who will determine the fate of our world.  Some will try to use them.  The darkness with threaten to consume them.  Their own elements will try to destroy them.  But with guidance and a lot of luck they may overcome the incredible odds against them.

Elementalists is a web series in contemporary setting where sword and sorcery meets firearms and modern-day military weapons.  It is updated every other Tuesday.

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