New Site, New Name, Same Stuff

Maxum, Unofficial Blog Spokesman
I decided I resumed updating my three fans on the progress I was making on my various projects, plus get a chance to talk into the void about what I am reading / playing / doing.  So here we are with a newly designed blog.

Followers of the blog back when it was will notice the name change.  I decided if I was going to be more….’me’ in this blog I should use the name I commonly go by online as opposed to my writing pen name.  My books will continue to be published under the name P.F. Davids, though, so…that’s still me, too.

The old site disappeared into the void do to the host I switched to removing it for inactivity.  Like, completely deleting it.  And, do to those hilarious hijinks that make life fun, apparently my backups of the site did not make the trip when I was moving my documents between computers.  So I was left to redo everything from scratch.  Thanks to the magic of the wayback machine I was actually able to copy/paste a lot of my old blog posts over here (although I am aware there are quite a few weird formatting problems with some of them, which I may or may not get around to fixing if I have time).  Unfortunately, it seems the sixth part of my Wheel of Time readthrough was lost to the winds and never made it to the wayback machine’s archives (it happened to be the one with the most views, too, which makes it doubly unfortunate).  All the comments from the post are also lost, which is very sad.

Oh, and if you happened to be a subscriber of, you will need to subscribe again here (little box in the right sidebar) because all that is lost as well.

As for what I have been up to for the past year?  Die By The Sword, the second book in my Lesser Evil trilogy is still, still in the rewrites phase.  I know, for two people out there this is some tough news.  I though after finally finishing my first complete book after that everything was going to be easier (I might have also had some delusions about getting to write full time as a career, which sadly has not happened yet).  If anything, this second book has proven to be an even greater challenge than the first, as it has a wider scope and many more characters.  It is coming though, and while I am hesitant to give a tentative date I do think it will be sooner rather than later.

I’ve also been developing a card game based on (and by that I mean mocking) Internet culture.  It is called King of the Internet and it is roughly based around the idea of trying to become Internet famous through such means as posting pictures of cats and sharing memes.  Game development has long been a hobby of mine, as anyone who has ever been forced to sit through a playtest session of one of my custom Tabletop rulesets can attest to.  This will be one of my first projects to ever attempt to make it to the market, though, as we are currently planning a Kickstarter for it sometime in the first week of next month.  If you are interested, you can check out more about it here.

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